• Multiple Ad Formats

    We offer multiple ad formats including support for XML Feeds and OpenRTB integration, along with standard javascript and header bidding. Models include CPC (Cost per click), CPM (Cost per impression), CPA (Cost per acquisition), CPL (Cost per lead), CPI (Cost per install), and constantly updating with new ad formats makes us the most robust and advanced platform on the market.

  • Advertisers

    Advertisers can sign up and add funds to begin running advertising campaigns across your network across various channels and centric KPI's.

  • Agencies & Networks

    You can have a custom branded platform where you can bring in advertisers and run advertising campaigns with goals they decide.

  • Publishers

    Allow publishers to sign up and integrate ads to earn profit while increasing distribution to your advertisers and agencies.

Beta Program Starts March 1st, 2018 On An Invite-Only Basis

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